• Mwangoka-Tanzania | 10oz
  • Mwangoka-Tanzania | 10oz

Mwangoka-Tanzania | 10oz

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The Grivas family took up stewardship of GDM Farm over 20 years ago, and as the second generation to manage one of the few Tanzanian-owned coffee estates, Richard Grivas has his sights set on improving quality and the local community through the farm. Over 200 seasonal workers are part of GDM’s operation, and the farm also supports a network of smallholders living in the surrounding vicinity.

Origin: Mbozi, Songwe, Tanzania

Producer: GD Mwangoka Farm - Grivas D. Mwangoka

Process: Natural

Variety: Bourbon and Compact

A1450-1850 MASL

This coffee reminds us of Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, and Brown Sugar