Edy Rodriguez - Honduras Natural | 10oz

Edy Rodriguez - Honduras Natural | 10oz

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Edy Rodriguez: 

Farm Name: El Diamante

Elevacion: 1500-1550masl

Location: Buenos Aires, El Paraiso

Variety: Parainema:

Process: Natural, Raised Beds 22 days

A bit about Edy & his farm

Edy & his family, like many Hondurans have been growing coffee for generations as a way to generate income by selling a crop. It wasn’t until about three years ago that through trainings and programs ran by World Vision Fund, that Edy began to learn and implement farm & processing practices to improve and hone in the quality of his coffee. His farm is about a 5 acre lot planted 50/50 with IHCAFE 90 & Parainema varietals as well as plantains throughout as a means of diversifying his farms income. This lot is the first time that Edy’s coffee has been exported directly, with his own name on the bag and are so excited for the years to come as we continue to work and develop with Edy.

Edy’s natural parainema, starts with a highly selective picking done by his family and neighbors, ensuring only the ripest beans are harvested and taking 3-4 passes on the same tree during a season. After the coffee is picked, it is washed in barrels of water to remove any floaters and “clean” the surface of the cherries. These beans are then immediately taken to a solar dryer and dried on raised beds for 22 days. While drying the coffees are moved at least once an hour for 10 hours a day.

This coffee was milled and hand picked by a team of 20 women to contain no more than 3 secondary defects and to a minimum Screen size 16.